V1 Products

While similar in design, the V1 family includes 4 models in different sizes, each focused towards a specific purpose.

Vivid Audio V1.5 loudspeaker


With its larger 22 litre enclosure, V1.5 is designed for free field use and is bonded to a stainless steel reinforced resin pedestal which gracefully complements the curves of the enclosure while concealing the twin sets of Van den Hul cabling.

Vivid Audio V1s loudspeaker


Ideal as a desktop monitor the V1s features a built-in base moulded in solid resin for stability.

Vivid Audio V1h loudspeaker


The horizontally mounted V1h is intended for use as a centre channel in home theatre installations but also permits the use of V1 in a studio monitor application.

Vivid Audio V1w loudspeaker


Specifically designed for wall mounting, the V1w includes a versatile and easy-to-use ball and socket bracket which allows 30 degrees of rotation in any direction.

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