V1 Craftmanship

While being two-way systems the V1 range of loudspeakers maintain the Vivid philosophy of pistonic operation throughout the frequency spectrum.

Vivid Audio V1.5 loudspeaker Available in two sizes, the smaller V1 w, V1h and V1s are best suited to mounting near to boundaries such as wall or desktop use while the larger V1.5 pedestal mount will sit quite happily well away from the walls. With its larger 22 litre enclosure, V1.5 is designed for free field use and is bonded to a stainless steel reinforced resin pedestal which gracefully complements the curves of the enclosure while concealing the twin sets of Van den Hul cabling. External connection is made through four high quality WBT terminals discreetly recessed into the heavy cast polyester base.

Vivid Audio C125 driver

All V1 models use the C125 aluminium cone driver to handle the range up to 3kHz. Mounted on soft silicone rubber O-rings in the proprietary cast carbon fibre loaded polyester enclosure, structural resonance is kept to a minimum allowing these patented driversto deliver an exceptional mid-range transparency along with an articulate bass common to all Vivid products.

Vivid Audio D26 driver

High frequencies are handled by the patented D26 in a variant specially adapted to sit at the apex of a shallow waveguide unique to the V1. Not only does this perfectly time align both frequency ranges but also affords directivity control to match that of the mid-range through crossover, a frequently overlooked issue in two way designs, resulting in the smoothest power response.

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