While being two-way systems the V1 range of loudspeakers maintain the Vivid philosophy of pistonic operation throughout the frequency spectrum.

Vivid Audio V1 loudspeaker


The V1 range is available in two sizes, the smaller V1w, V1h and V1s are best suited to mounting near to boundaries such as a wall or desktop while the larger V1.5 SE pedestal mount will sit quite happily well away from the walls.

The V1.5 SE, with its larger 22 litre enclosure, is designed for free field of use and is bonded to a stainless steel reinforced resin pedestal which gracefully complements the curves of the enclosure. Specifically designed for wall mounting, the V1w includes a versatile ball and socket bracket which allows 30 degrees of rotation in any direction. Ideal as a desktop monitor the V1s features a built-in base moulded in solid resin for stability. The horizontally mounted V1h is intended for use as a centre channel in home theatre installations but can also be used in any low headroom situation.

The picture depicted here is the V1.5 SE. Click here to discover the complete V1 range of speakers.

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V1.5 Sahara V1.5 Piano V1.5 Study V1s V1h

Paint finishes

Every Vivid Audio loudspeaker cabinet is hand finished using an elaborate process to ensure the very best
aesthetics and finish quality. Read more

Vivid Audio paint finishes

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