K1 Craftmanship

The K1 floor-standing model is the largest of the range which employs the coupled front and back bass driver system and integral stand.

Vivid Audio K1 loudspeaker K1 employs a single D50 mid range driver, between 900Hz and 4kHz with the range beyound being handled by a D26 tweeter. Below 900Hz the K1 uses four C125 midbass drivers, two mounted on the front baffle and two mounted on the rear baffle of the cabinet. These four drivers are internally coupled in pairs via screw tensioning units for reaction cancelling. Through the use of innovative crossover circuity, all drivers recieve the same signal at frequencies below 1ooHz while above this point drive to the lower and rear drivers is progressively attenuated leaving only the front upper driver to operate all the way to 9ooHz to ensure good vertical dispersion at crossover.

Fourth order filters ensure phase coherence through both main crossover points resulting in a seamless and symmetrical polar performance. Integral to the K1 enclosure is the stand, made from the same cast carbon fibre reinforced polyester compound as the enclosure, the stand provides an exceptionally stable footing further guaranteed by the use of a total of five spikes mounted around the periphery of the base. Adjustment of the two rear spikes and that at the front sets the correct attitude while the remaining two can then be brought into contact with the floor for maximum safety. Within each of the streamlined arms are hidden separate conduits to guide the Van den Hul® interconnectioning cable away from the two internally mountedcrossovers into the base. Precision machined gold plated terminals are disretely located at the rear of the base to allow a visually unobtrusive connection to the outside world.

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