This award-winning speaker is the result of some extensive research and very innovative engineering. It contains all the qualities one would expect from a world-class loudspeaker.

Vivid Audio K1 loudspeaker


The Vivid Audio K1 floor-standing speaker is the largest of the OVAL range and utilises the original unique Vivid Audio cabinet form.

When designing the K1, the Vivid Audio engineers wanted to gain the bass response of a larger speaker yet retain the agility and speed of a smaller design. Through extensive research, they perfected a reactioncancelling bass loading system that, when combined with a newly developed crossover, delivers progressively focused power with increasing frequency. The result? All the bass expected of a much larger design yet with the coherent detail of a simple driver.

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K1 Piano K1 Sahara K1 Home Theatre K1 - Stereophile product of the year 2012

Paint finishes

Every Vivid Audio loudspeaker cabinet is hand finished using an elaborate process to ensure the very best
aesthetics and finish quality. Read more

Vivid Audio paint finishes

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