B1 Decade

Hear what a difference 10 years make. The new Limited Edition B1 Decade embodies everything we've learned, refined and developed over the past 10 years.


The Limited Edition B1 Decade is the latest addition to the Vivid Audio loudspeaker family. The culmination of 10 years’ R&D, it represents another huge step forward in progressive design and sound quality. The Limited Edition B1 Decade’s distinctive shape minimises diffraction and reduces internal standing waves for a clearer sound: the composite sandwich enclosure helps eliminate structural resonance. Drawing on technology from our revolutionary Giya series, it also benefits from new drivers and filters that take mid-range and upper-register performance to a totally new level. In a market still dominated by square cabinet speakers, the Limited Edition B1 Decade stands out as a perfect example of form truly following function.

Discover the B1 Decade

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