GIYA G4 Series 2

With the G4 Series 2, you can enjoy the authentic GIYA sound and aesthetic in even the smallest space. We’ve packaged our GIYA technology into an enclosure just one metre high, creating a loudspeaker for the real world that delivers performance far beyond its modest dimensions.

Vivid Audio GIYA G4 loudspeaker


The G4 Series 2 may be the smallest loudspeaker in the range, but since it shares the same DNA as its bigger siblings, you can be sure it’s every inch a GIYA. From its curvaceous composite enclosure to its handmade drivers, crossovers and other technology, it’s a GIYA that’s been condensed, not compromised.

The G4 is built around our C100S low mid-range and C125L bass drivers, specially designed to produce the maximum output from their compact cones and chassis. In this Series 2 model, high and mid frequencies are handled by the same D26 and D50 drivers with Tapered Tube loading as the rest of the GIYA family. The transparent, accurate and wholly natural sound is everything you’d expect from GIYA: what might surprise you is the sheer weight and power of sound you’ll get from a loudspeaker just one metre tall.

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Paint finishes

Every Vivid Audio loudspeaker cabinet is hand finished using an elaborate process to ensure the very best
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