GIYA G2 Series 2

Identical in design to the top-of-the-range G1, the GIYA G2 Series 2 brings you the same world-class technology and peerless sound quality in a slightly smaller package, making it suitable for medium-sized rooms, as well as larger spaces. The Series 2 model features new versions of our industry-leading drivers for an even more natural, transparent sound.

Vivid Audio GIYA G2 loudspeaker


With its composite enclosure, inspired by natural forms, the GIYA G2 Series 2 is among the most distinctive and revolutionary loudspeakers ever designed. But at 80% of the height and half the volume of its larger sibling, the G2 is perfectly proportioned for medium-sized rooms, making it easier to accommodate and live with.

Most importantly, it shares much of its technology with the G1 – and in this Series 2 model, that includes our new metal-dome D26 tweeter and D50 mid-driver, both with our patented Tapered Tube loading. Lower-mid frequencies are deftly handled by our C125S driver, with the evergreen C175 taking care of the bass. The result is huge, natural, transparent sound that faithfully delivers every detail, without ever becoming fatiguing.

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Every Vivid Audio loudspeaker cabinet is hand finished using an elaborate process to ensure the very best
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