GIYA G1 Series 2

The one that started it all. Designed by internationally renowned acoustic engineer Laurence Dickie, the GIYA's unique shell-like profile stunned the audiophile world when it first appeared. With the new Series 2, this landmark loudspeaker continues to set acoustic and aesthetic standards, and win friends and admirers, across the globe.


The G1 Series 2 delivers a listening experience worthy of its place near the top of our GIYA range. Within its imposing composite enclosure, you’ll find our very finest acoustic technology, including the new D26 tweeter and D50 mid driver, both with Tapered Tube loading, and our proven C225 bass driver, all designed and hand-built in-house. Together, they produce a sound acclaimed worldwide for its transparency, naturalness and accuracy. The unique design is inspired by natural forms: with no straight lines or hard edges anywhere, reflections and resonances are eliminated almost entirely.



Our definition of GIYA – a myriad of technical details skilfully combined to achieve a remarkable sense of sonic transparency and tonal naturalness together with a uniqueness of design forming its final appearance.

Pioneered by Laurence Dickie, the GIYA G1 Series 2 is a speaker whose deep technology aims at reproducing what's fed to it with absolute fidelity and pristine sound quality. The entire design is inspired by its function and purpose. Experts agree that this is one of the best speakers they've ever heard (Wes Phillips, Stereophile).



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