"It is the Giya's sound that steals the show, conveying music with obvious neutrality, an unadorned midrange, quick transients, and deep, powerful low frequencies."
~ Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat February 2010 (USA)

GIYA Reference Line Specifications

Below is a comparison of features between the various GIYA models. The GIYA G3 will only be released in 2012, and the detailed specifications is not available as yet. The below specifications is intended only as a preview of the GIYA G3.

Unit specifications



GIYA G3 Preview

Floorstanding alt alt alt
Cabinet Vacuum infused fibre reinforced polyester compound
Bass Loading Exponentially tapered tube absorber with tuned reaction cancelling vents
Configuration - nr. of drive units 4-way 5-driver design 4-way 5-driver design 4-way 5-driver design
D26 mm High Frequency unit **.*
1 1 1
D50 mm Mid Frequency unit ** 1 1 1
C125S mm Midbass driver ** 1 x C125S
1 x C125S 1 x C125S
C225 mm metal coned Bass units 2
- -
C175 mm metal coned Bass units - 2 -
C135 mm metal coned Bass units - - 2
Reaction cancelling
compliant mount, coupled
alt alt alt
Sensitivity dB @2,83V 91 88 Not available
Impedance Ohm nominal 6 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimal, low reactance Not available
Crossover frequencies 220, 880, 3500 220, 880, 3500 Not available
Frequency response (H)
at +/- 2dB on reference axis
29-33'000 29-33'000 Not available
Harmonic distortion
over frequency range
<0.5% <0.5% Not available
Power handling watts
rms (music program)
800 600 Not available
Dimensions (H,W,D) mm 1700 mm
440 mm
800 mm
Standard paint finishes
Piano alt alt alt
Oyster alt alt alt
Special paint finishes
(available at extra cost)
Sahara alt alt alt
Arctic silver alt alt alt
Pearl alt alt alt
Borollo alt alt alt
Weight 80kg 55kg Not available
* D26 with radially polarized super flux magnet structure.
** Drive units with tapered tube loading

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