Introducing GIYA Series 2

With the original GIYA, we created the world’s finest loudspeaker. Now, we’ve made it even better. The new GIYA Series 2 loudspeakers retains their predecessors’ incredibly natural, transparent sound – and, of course, their instantly recognisable shape. But in this new incarnation, all models benefit from technology previously confined to our flagship G1 Spirit. So whichever you choose, you’ll be taking your listening experience and pleasure to a whole new level.

Vivid Audio GIYA Reference Line Loudspeaker


Their very shape is defined by proven acoustic principles taken to their logical conclusions, untethered by conventional wisdom and common construction techniques. Every element of the design has been refined to an extraordinary degree - from our patented hand-built drive units, to our advanced vacuum infused composite enclosure, to our relentless elimination of resonances and reflections.

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Vivid Audio Tapered Tube loading technology


Laurence Dickie pioneered the application of tapered tube loading to absorb rear output without reflections.

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Vivid Audio GIYA Acoustically Designed Cabinets


The acoustically designed cabinets of the GIYA range ensures a minimal interference from the speaker surface.

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The GIYA Series 2 family comprises four models, all sitting under, and sharing technology with, our flagship G1 Spirit. The largest, the G1, is suitable for dedicated listening rooms and larger living spaces; its smallest sibling, the G4, can be accommodated just about anywhere. All four models are made entirely in-house, and deliver our signature GIYA sound with even greater realism and transparency than the originals.

This second generation all feature our new D26 tweeter and D50 upper-mid driver, which use our patented Tapered Tube Loading technology to absorb rearward sound, and remove unwanted colour and resonance from the performance. We’ve also tightened the crossover values, and redesigned the ports to reduce cabinet reaction noise even further. And if you want your loudspeakers fully active, optional external filters make it connecting amplifiers easy.

G1 Series 2

The flagship of the GIYA
speaker range and the ultimate
loudspeaker system.

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G2 Series 2

The smaller sibling of the GIYA G1 to suit a more modest
listening environment.

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G3 Series2

The answer to those seeking
the purity of reproduction in a package for the home.

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G4 Series2

The G4 includes the unique features of the Giya
principles into an
enclosure just 1m high.

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