Innovative design

The GIYA series is defined by its remarkable sense of sonic transparency and tonal naturalness.

Principal Vivid Audio designer Laurence Dickie pioneered the application of tapered tube absorbers in Nautilus™ as a means to eliminate destructive resonances and reflections from within driver enclosures. With Giya, we apply this design technique to all four of the driver subsystems in the loudspeaker, including the low frequency section. It is exactly this tapered bass enclosure which coils around to such visually striking effect. It is our innovative combination of this tapered absorption tube with a pair of reaction-cancelling critically-tuned vents that is unique. Our patent-pending technology provides the benefits of near-complete elimination of internal resonances and reflections afforded by the tapered absorber, along with the low distortion, high efficiency, and moderate enclosure size courtesy of the vents.

Frequencies above 220Hz are handled by our well proven and tremendously successful trio of drivers; the C125S low- mid, the D50 high-mid and the D26 high frequency unit. Each driver is chosen to have a first break-up frequency at least two octaves above the highest point it is required to reproduce so ensuring output is, at most - 50dB relative to the main signal.

Unlike our previous models however, the C125S is not required to reproduce low frequencies but is limited to those above 220Hz. This significantly reduces the excursion requirements so permits the flux of the magnet to be concentrated into a shorter gap region thus increasing flux density and in turn increasing efficiency. In addition, the C125S has its own exponential tube coupled directly to the rear of the driver to ensure the ideal loading conditions and freedom from enclosure resonance.

Smoothly Contoured Cabinet

On the front side of the diaphragms, in the area immediately surrounding these three drivers, the cabinet is smoothly contoured to avoid any acoustic discontinuity which might perturb the emerging wavefront so the sound that reaches the listener is not distorted by secondary reflections from sharp cabinet edges. While principally used to smooth the passage of the wavefront for the clarity of the main signal, a further benefit of the smoothly curved enclosure is that it yields a broad horizontal dispersion which declines slowly with frequency. This helps give a very even coverage which helps to give a huge listening area and a well balanced in-room response.

Unique Horn Absorbing Cabinet with Port

What really defines Giya, however, is the bass enclosure. Its distinctive curling horn absorber removes the problem of standing waves between the top and bottom of the cabinet while allowing the port to augment the low frequency output with a classic vented box alignment. Simply adding a port to a standard tapered tube loaded driver simply doesn't work since the tube effectively saps the energy which would otherwise drive the port output, but the inventive step employed in the Giya designs is to use an exponential absorber with just the right taper rate; one which permits the horn to fully absorb the internal reflections while on the other hand taking away none of the port output.

To complement this remarkable enclosure completely new high output bass driver were developed for G1 and Giya G2 and are employed in a reaction cancelling configuration with each one visible on either side of the enclosure. An impressive technical story in its own right, the C225 and C175 drivers include many of the proprietary technical innovations for which Vivid Audio has become recognised. When combined with our advanced enclosure and filter network design, the result is incredibly tight, articulate bass without a trace of overhang, delivered with impressive authority and solidity.

There are in fact many technical details that are responsible for Giya's remarkable performance, many of them developed and patented by Vivid Audio: catenary dome profiles, open pole radially polarised rare-earth magnet systems, isolating compliant driver mounts, reaction-cancelling bass driver mounts, short-coil long-gap motor systems, highly vented voice coil formers, highly aligned heat-conductive driver chassis, tapered tube absorbers, and a host of other engineering details.

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