Evocative of the special spirit of our newest design and proudly symbolic of Vivid Audio's African roots, the name Giya is derived from a traditional Zulu dance. Wrapped within Giya's distinctive shell-like appearance lies an exceptional level of engineering detail and acoustic design.

Vivid Audio Aesthetics

Vivid Audio is an engineering led company but the importance of industrial design has never been far behind. While the fundamental form of our designs is driven by the internal function, the final design communicates meaning and emotion transcending structure and material substance. In the overt complexity of 21st century technology a key objective is simplification. Deployment of cutting edge analysis, design and manufacturing methods has facilitated the creation of loudspeaker systems exhibiting the full integration of its constituent parts. Driver unit enclosure, stand and base merge into a single holistic form using complex splined surfaces. This delivers seamless sculptures of seductive, sensual organic forms.

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