CES & THE Show 2012 - Hot Product - Vivid Giya G3

Vivid's latest creation is the Giya G3 ($40,000/pair), a very curvaceous speaker that's somewhat easier to accommodate than its G1 and G2 stablemates on account of its 3' 9" height. It still incorporates the technologies that make this South African brand so distinctive. Designer Lawrence Dickie has used more obvious tapered-tube loading for the drivers, and this will remind many that this same designer created the Nautilus for B&W back in the 1990s.

The G3 is a five-driver, four-way design that places its bass drivers on either side of the cabinet, so they brace one another to avoid injecting energy into the cabinet. You can't really call this glass-reinforced, balsa-cored sandwich cabinet a "box" because there are no straight lines, but you get the picture.

Philip O'Hanlon, the Vivid distributor, kept us entertained with some analog tapes from the Tape Project played on a Sonorous reel-to-reel. He had a copy of a Beethoven piece by the Janaki String Trio (on Yarlung Records) that revealed just how natural and effortless this format can be. The sound via the G3s was both strong and subtle, with superb string tone and absolutely no sense of strain at realistic levels. http://www.theaudiobeat.com/ces2012/

Surprise, surprise!! John Atkinson (editor of Stereophile) agreed with Doug Schneider (editor of SoundStage)  regarding the Vivid Giya G3 launch - "this was one of the best sounds I heard at the 2012 Show." - http://www.stereophile.com/content/vivid-impresses-web-monkey

While Doug Scheider closed his CES 2012 article with: "Without question, this was one of the best sounds in Vegas this year." - http://www.soundstageglobal.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=207&catid=82&Itemid=246

John Atkinson & Doug Schneider were not alone in their high praise of the Giya G3 sound system:

Superlative sound does not magically appear from the speakers alone, but from a chain of equally noteworthy components; here is a good opportunity to thank all of the manufacturers who helped us:

Audioaero - La Source played the Demo XIV CD compilation as well as SACDs and also provided the  tube preamplifier for the system
Brinkmann - Balance turntable & Edison phono stage
Luxman - M-800 A class A stereo amp - proved that you only need 60 class A watts to fill a large room with small speakers and still throw a huge soundstage
HRS - Rack
Jubala - Sosna   "Emotion " cables, interconnects, power cords   -  were the icing on the cake.
SonoruS - reel to reel provided a yard stick of
Vivid - who could believe that a speaker a quarter of the volume of the G1 could be so powerful & yet delicate


Without the support of our friends at the music labels, all of the careful hardware preparation would be for naught:

Analogue Productions - Chad was kind enough to share a Test Pressing of Shelby Lynne & Dusty Springfield -  superb.
Mobile Fidelity - "Lonesome Road" from James Taylor's SACD & LP of "Dad Loves his Work"  was one of the musical highlights of CES for me personally
ORG - DeFalla "Three Cornered Hat"  this 2 x 45 RPM LP was my pick for best re-issue of 2011 - I played side 1 to death !
Tape Project - Their reel to reel master tapes  are sublime
Yarlung - Surprised us with some beautiful chamber music

Our sincerest thanks for all of your help
Philip O'Hanlon

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