New absorber tube design

Vivid Audio D26 and D50 Vivid Audio has designed and prototyped new absorber tubes for the D26 and D50 drivers. The goal of designing these new prototypes was to achieve improved integration with the driver, tightening up tolerances, improving seal integrity and enhancing ease of use. The prototypes were tested for function, and passed successfully. As result, these new horns will be standard across the range, from V1 to G1... including the new G3.

Vivid Audio mandrelTo the left is a picture of the mandrel that creates the exponentially tapering cavity in each absorber tube. At the moment it's being rough turned by one of our engineers. The shape of the absorber tube is critical to the drivers performance and vital in creating drivers with break-up modes at frequencies far above audible levels. The final mandrel must be perfectly smooth and highly polished in keeping with the quality of the main driver.


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