D50 Tweeter with Tapered Tube loading

Where the D26 sets a standard for high frequency reproduction, the D50 carries this philosophy down into the crucial mid band covering frequencies between 880Hz and 4kHz.

Vivid Audio D50 tweeter with Tapered Tube loading Again featuring a computer designed deep profile catenary anodised aluminium alloy diaphragm, D50 maintains pistonic behaviour for more than two octaves beyond its operating band having a first breakup frequency of 20kHz.

A radially polarised rare earth magnet system minimises the overall diameter of the driver allowing the D50 to be used in a narrow enclosure and with minimum separation from other drivers, while still allowing the use of a hollow central pole for an extended low frequency performance. An under-hung edge-wound aluminium voice coil gives the best impedance match, and hence efficiency from the available magnetic flux while finite element design methods ensure that this flux remains constant throughout the gap.

Magnetic fluid is used to stabilise the voice coil temperature with care being paid to the details of the pole design to prevent fluid separation under all conditions.

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