C125S Lower Midrange Driver with Tapered Tube loading

Designed specially as the low mid-range unit for Giya, C125S has the same diaphragm assembly as C125 but features a magnet system which takes advantage of the smaller excursion requirements of a driver which only has to work above 220Hz.

Vivid Audio C125S Low Mid Driver with Tapered Tube loading A shorter magnetic gap with reduced coil clearance and solid copper sleeved pole all help increase the flux leading to an efficiency increase of 3dB over the standard unit. C125S is loaded in a manner similar to D50 and D26 with a fibre-filled rear tube exponentially tapered to totally absorb the rear output.

Isolation between the magnet system, the horn and enclosure is ensured by the use of high compliance elastomeric seals between each element. In this way, the reaction forces of the motor system are contained within the driver without direct mechanical excitation of any external modes.

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