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Stereophile December 2014 Stereophile - December 2014

The G3 did more than merely earn JA's respect: it gave hime immense enjoyment and effectively doubled the field of contenders for the coveted title of John Atkinson's Retirement Loudspeaker.

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Stereoplay September 2014 Stereoplay - September 2014

The new Vivid Audio G4 Giya is a real eye catcher. The emphasized curvy design concisely supports acoustic principles for the ultimate sound.

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Audio Video SA March 2012 Audio Video SA - March 2012

Astonishingly revealing, completely effortless and pin-point accurate without losing sight of emotional content, the Vivid Audio K1 is not only an undisputed member of the high-end loudspeaker club, but a truly world-class design that can hold its own against the very best.

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Stereoplay May 2012 Stereoplay - May 2012

Holger Biermann of Stereoplay Germany describes the Giya G2 in issue 5/12 as being a sculpture worth every cent, which at this level of price is difficult to describe but says it all. He describes the immense soundstage - a very rare quality. The most striking feature of the sculpture is that nothing stands out or to say that the speakers disappear from the chain, because they simply do not have their own sound. The listener enjoys music only - and as relaxed as if he would experience a live performance . What more can you expect more from a speaker?

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Vivid Audio GIYA G3 Soundstage! Global

The Vivid Audio GIYA range loudspeakers have recently appeared in a number of Soundstage! Global articles and reviews with some very positive feedback.

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Vivid Audio V1.5 - HiFi Test HiFi Test - January 2012

Whether you like the design of this loudspeaker or not: it reproduces on an extremely high level and is a musical gem. It's extraordinary design and form might not fit every living environment but can, when placed freestanding, pass as a sculpture. The choice of materials, sound and quality workmanship of this hand built VIVID AUDIO V1.5 justify the quite high price. Those who seek something special and expect a high musical standard from a loudspeaker will love the V.1!

B1 in Stereophile October 2011 Stereophile - October 2011

In his column, John Marks concluded that the VIVID B1 has a "near perfect balance of warmth and information". In the competive run JA mentions Wilson 's Sophia Series 3, Thiel CS3.7, Revel Ultima Studio 2 and Salon 2 and KEF Reference 207/2. "These are all first-class loudspeakers, whith any of which I could live happily ever after. But if your room is of small to medium size, and you want a less obtrusive speaker (though its idiosyncratic looks do come into the equation), and you value clarity and overall musical communication over gut-busting dynamice, the VIVID B1 is one of the best choices around. I loved what it did!"

G1 in HiFi+ Issue 70 HiFi+ - Issue 70

It's hard to stress just how well the Giya G1 addresses the problems that usually afllict loudspeakers, it manages to seemingly eliminate perceived distortion and reveal the music in all its dynamic, tonal and temporal glory.

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Stereophile July 2010 Stereophile - July 2010

I can't think of any speaker I've auditioned that does everything as well as the Giyas: superb imaging, unmatched dynamic range, holographic soundstaging, and that immutable, possibly unquantifiable quality known as musicality. Is Vivid Audio's GIYA G1 the best loudspeaker I've heard? YES. And it will be my yardstick from now on.

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B1 in Hi-Fi World Hi-Fi World - September 2009

As you'd expect of a loudspeaker with unique and usual drive units in bespoke cabinets the like of which you don't see anywhere else, the Vivid B1 is a distinctive performer, inasmuch as it doesn't do what so many other designs at the price do. By this, I mean many others somehow manage to lose the natural timing, tonality and/or phase coherence of the original recording.

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B1 in Hi-Fi World Hi-Fi News - December 2005

Seamless is a much-bandied term in describing speaker sound, but the K1 gave a definite reference point for applying the description. What may be termed the aspiration of this speaker was nigh-on perfect.

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B1 in Hi-Fi Choice Hi-Fi Choice - December 2004

The Vivid Audio B1 proved itself to be a truly world-class speaker from a new brand that clearly knows how to get results. If you want to hear more of the music and less of the speaker, there's not a lot of serious competition.

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K1 in Hi-Fi Choice - November 2009 Hi-Fi Choice - November 2009

Discovering just how resolute this speaker is makes us wonder if we ever got the best out of the B1 some five years ago. Somehow we doubt it. The Vivid K1 is undoubtedly one of the finest speakers on the planet. Lord only knows how the Vivid Giya manages to improve on its performance.

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B1 in Hi-Fi World Audio Video - May 2004

Could it be that Vivid Audio's products are destined to become one of South Africa’s most important high-tech ambassadors - and one of Durban's most famous exports? If what I heard was anything to go by, the Zulu shield-shaped loudspeakers are set to spread a vividly musical message about this country across the globe!

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V1.5 in What Hi-Fi - October 2009 What Hi-Fi - October 2009

Their mad looks grab you straight away, but delve deeper and you'll discover remarkable engineering and even more impressive sound. These Vivids truly rock. The Vivids present masses of detail and convincing tone in an incredibly natural and unforced manner.

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